CryoGene continues monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic closely. As part of our standard preparedness protocol, we are closely assessing the impact of COVID-19 on our community. All team members follow the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as the World Health Organization for protecting and preventing the spread of the virus. Our plan includes monitoring the changes in the emerging infection patterns of the local and regional communities and adjusting quickly. We have been successful in maintaining established procedures for ensuring continuity of the services the team provides while limiting access to our campus to only staff and essential personnel from outside. By diligently following these processes and procedures we have successfully mitigated potential risk factors.

The CryoGene team members have returned to their normal shifts with working from home an option when possible. The physical layout of the facility has been expanded allowing increased separation for personal work areas. All samples stored at CryoGene have remained and will continue at the highest level of security and stability during this pandemic. Pick up and delivery schedules have returned to the same levels as pre-pandemic. We understand that new storage challenges have presented difficulties in the research community such as supply chain shortcomings. CryoGene has responded to these needs by greatly expanding our campus to over 75,000 sq. ft. This expansion allows us to offer a new service, pallet storage, for reagents/supplies effectively providing easy same day access for our clients. A soon to be completed 2000 sq. ft. “cold room” for pallet storage will be available Q1 2022 as well as a monitored “clean room” for any associated onsite QA requirements.

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Information Systems

Information Systems

CryoGene’s validated laboratory information system has been exclusively designed, developed and implemented for the sole purpose of reliable, secure storage and retrieval of biological specimens…

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LN2 Repository


The most effective means of preserving biological material from degradation is freezing and storing at low-temperatures. Cryo-preservation is used throughout the biological and biomedical research community as the standard for accomplishing sample integrity….

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Security Operations

Security Operations

CryoGene’s campus facilities have a multilayer 24-hour security system using the latest technology. The campus, each individual facility, internal sample storage repository areas as well as individual freezers are accessible only to authorized personnel…

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