About Us

Who we are

CRYOGENE is the medical research industry’s leading repository, focusing on the secure storage of biological specimens and associated supplies. Our biorepository provides secure long-term sample storage in environments that range from ambient to -195°C.

The CRYOGENE campus is located in Houston Texas, adjacent to the Texas Medical Center complex. Our secure campus in total features 75,000 square feet, giving clients ample space to satisfy their current requirements and also space for future growth.

Since 2019, we have been part of Cryoport, Inc. — global leaders in delivering flawless temperature-controlled supply chain solutions for the Life Sciences.


What we do

CRYOGENE, through its dedicated team of experienced professionals, has a relentless focus on customer responsiveness and quality. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to delivering the exceptional service our national and international clients have come to expect.

CRYOGENE supports its clients through an ever-expanding infrastructure and advanced freezer technology and inventory control software to fulfill all their specimen storage and distribution requirements. Additionally, CRYOGENE has the highest security standards with biometric access requirements as well as 24/7 facilities monitoring.

CRYOGENE’s campus facilities have a multilayer 24-hour security system using the latest technology. The campus — including each individual facility, internal sample storage repository areas and individual freezers — is accessible only to authorized personnel. Using video and state-of-the-art biometric scanning technology linked to our computer system, only approved staff have access to assigned areas.

CRYOGENE lab tech inspecting samples

Samples are constantly monitored for variation in the temperature range required to maintain their minimum critical threshold (MCT). Of course, malfunctions and system failures are extremely rare. However, the team would be alerted prior to any materials reaching their MCT. The computer monitoring system immediately notifies multiple staff members for immediate attention.

Backup pre-cooled cryopreservation units are also available if the transfer of specimens from a freezer unit is required. All critical equipment and computer hardware are backed up with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units and onsite generators. CRYOGENE is fully dedicated to providing complete risk mitigation of your sample materials.

CRYOGENE history

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    CRYOGENE opens doors in Houston, Texas following the award of State of Texas contract for offsite secured storage, with a mission to support leading local and national research centers

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    The facility grew from initial start of 8,500 square feet to 20,000 square feet to support our growing client list of biopharma and biotech companies

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    Acquired by Cryoport Inc., we continue to grow with expansion to 55,000 square feet

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    We expand our campus to 75,000 square feet to accommodate ambient storage, cold room storage of palletized material and our high-volume storage capacity