CryoGene’s laboratory information system has been exclusively designed, developed and implemented for the sole purpose of reliable, secure storage and retrieval of biological specimens. The system’s software constantly monitors your samples. This validated methodology maximizes the effectiveness of the process while minimizing error potential.

Using our encrypted, web-based application, with its relational database support, clients have the ability to monitor the location and disposition of their samples remotely and securely 24/7. All systems are developed, validated, periodically reviewed and audited as part of our ongoing Quality Assurance (QA) program.

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The most effective means of preserving biological material is by freezing and storing at low-temperatures. Cryo-preservation is used throughout the biological and biomedical research community. The most important element of a low-temperature storage system is ensuring a constant range of temperatures below a minimum critical threshold (MCT).

You are assured that your specimens are exceeding this MCT because we purchase only the highest quality freezer/LN2 units available to the industry. Superb temperature uniformity and monitoring throughout our cryo-preservation system creates 100% storage efficiency with an auditable cryo “chain of custody” for your QA records. From the moment your samples are shipped to CryoGene, our experienced staff follows strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for sample transportation, inventorying, storage, monitoring and retrieval.

CryoGene’s facility has a multilayer 24-hour security system using the latest technology. The facility’s internal sample storage repository areas as well as individual freezers are accessible only to authorized personnel. Using video and state-of-the-art biometric scanning technology linked to our computer system, approved staff has access only to assigned areas. Samples are constantly monitored for variation in the temperature range required to maintain their minimum critical threshold (MCT). If there is a malfunction or system failure, we are alerted prior to reaching the MCT. The computer monitoring system will immediately notify laboratory staff, direct them to the system in question and record all action taken to resolve the alert.

As an option, clients may be alerted as to the problem via smart phone or email. Backup cryopreservation systems are available if transfer of specimens from a failing freezer unit is required. All critical equipment and computer hardware is backed up with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units and onsite generators. A 6000 gallon LN2 storage tank is onsite. The generators and bulk LN2 storage tank with auto refill capability assures our clients of uninterrupted service virtually indefinitely in the event of a natural disaster.

CryoGene Lab

CryoGene Lab is a state of-the-science Cryo-Repository specializing in the secure storage of biological specimens.

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