Cryogene technicians with dry ice

Why Cold Storage?

The most effective means of preserving biological samples from degradation is freezing and storing at low temperatures.

For this reason, cryopreservation is used throughout the biological and biomedical research community as the standard for maintaining sample integrity.

The most important element of a low-temperature storage system is ensuring a steady state temperature below a minimum critical threshold (MCT).

Specimens stored at CRYOGENE adhere to the MCT at all times. We use only the most advanced refrigerators, freezers, LN2 units, software and processes, which set the industry standard.

The Importance of Chain of Custody

Superb temperature uniformity and monitoring throughout our cryopreservation system creates 100% storage efficiency with an auditable cryo “chain of custody” for all quality assurance (QA) requirements.

From initiation of sample transportation to returning samples to the client, our highly trained and highly motivated team follow strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for all phases of sample management, including transportation, inventorying, storage, monitoring and retrieval.

CRYOGENE power supply backup

Security Operations

Biorepository operations

Our specialized teams, products and processes set the industry standard. Samples are constantly monitored for variation in the temperature range required to maintain their MCT. While malfunctions and system failures are extremely rare, our highly trained team will be alerted prior to any materials reaching their MCT.

Uninterrupted service

Our exceptional specimen storage facility provides virtually indefinite uninterrupted service in the event of a natural disaster.

In the event of a system error:

  • Our advanced monitoring system immediately notifies multiple staff members, directing them to the system in question for immediate attention and resolution of the issue.
  • Backup pre-cooled cryopreservation units are available if transfer of specimens from a failing freezer unit is required.
  • All critical equipment and computer hardware is reinforced with uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units and onsite generators.
  • Our new high-efficiency 9,000-gallon LN2 storage tank is on site to autofill all LN2 tanks.
CRYOGENE technicians

Learn about our information systems

Our validated laboratory information system has been exclusively designed and developed to complement our environmental monitoring technology, ensuring flawless monitoring of your samples.

This validated methodology optimizes the process while minimizing error potential of sample storage. Using an encrypted, web-based application, with linked database support, clients have the ability to monitor the location and state of their samples remotely and securely, 24/7. All systems are developed, validated, periodically reviewed and audited as part of our ongoing Quality Assurance (QA) program.



Optimally Located for the Transfer of Sensitive Materials

Based in Houston, Texas, our cryogenic storage facility is conveniently located adjacent to the world-renowned Texas Medical Center.

Houston is the transportation hub for many major national and international couriers. Our location also means delays (due to shipping transfers or additional dry ice repacking) are minimized, ensuring flawless delivery of biological samples. You can be sure your materials remain at their optimal shipping temperature and arrive on time.

Our highly trained team of specialists will arrange secure transportation of samples, freezers or LN2 tanks to or from the CRYOGENE campus.  And we’ll handle it quickly, efficiently and tailored to your needs.

Sample retrieval and outbound shipping worldwide is available within 24 hours.